Geotechnical Engineering

With over 100 combined years of experience, TEG's geotechnical engineering services have helped clients avoid exorbitant risks during the design phase of their projects.

Our geotechnical engineers are dedicated to helping you understand the influence subsurface conditions will have pre and post-construction. Our skilled engineers are proficient in navigating subsurface conditions and providing innovative solutions no matter the magnitude of your project.

Whether clients are in need of slope design or are faced with an unanticipated slope failure TEG’s geotechnical engineers can help to overcome unforeseen challenges with our extensive knowledge of soil and rock mechanics.

Assessing Slope Stability

Assessing slope stability is a crucial step when planning your next project. Our awareness of regional soil characteristics and the role moisture and gravity play can help you mitigate risk and avoid costly delays and repairs. 

If you find yourself dealing with the unfortunate event of a slope failure caused debilitated rock and soil conditions, our experts can help. We account for load size, cracks and moisture levels to determine the best solution for your project. You can depend on TEG’s expertise to resolve slope failures of any complexity.

We begin by thoroughly researching the geology and evaluating all slopes. We follow that by collecting core samples and examining the subsurface characteristics. This allows us to provide our clients with in-depth reports of findings and determine the risk or cause of slope failure. Our engineers specialize in designing reliable solutions to prevent, or if the situation calls for it, repair your site. With our extensive slope stability experience clients can count on TEG when the stakes are high and their project is on the line.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

TEG’s seasoned engineers have the field experience clients can count on when it comes to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). HDD is widely used for when project sites require a trenchless solution to underground pipelines and utility installation while maintaining a minimal impact on the environment. 

We begin the HDD process by assessing your site and drilling a pilot hole along the predetermined path which is then expanded by the use of a reamer. The reamer will rotate and create optimal conditions for the pullback of the carrier pipe into the enlarged hole. Our design engineers devote particular attention to hydraulic fractures and inadvertent drilling fluid returns, mitigating the potential risks to your site. Whether your project site requires pipe installation crossing rivers, roadways, railways, bays, or a more complex hurdle, TEG is your project’s HDD solution.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Deep Foundations Testing

TEG’s experts understand the critical role a strong foundation plays in the longevity and overall success of your project. Our engineers specialize in an array of deep foundation assessments such as static and instrumented load testing as well as both high and low strain dynamic evaluation. We also offer comprehensive WEAP, CAPWAP, and drivability analysis. 

TEG is prepared to leverage our extensive knowledge of soil interactions and the impact they can have on your project’s performance to mitigate safety issues and costly construction delays.

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